Alumni Game 2014 pics and letter from Coach Macnab

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Hi All,

Thank you for your continued support! The Groundhog Alumni Game pics are available here and on the GRAA Facebook page (I also finally got around to posting the 2012 and 2013 pics on our website):

From Coach Bob Macnab:

Letter to UDRFC Alums,

October 4th 2014 turned out to be a glorious day weather-wise and all aspects. The Alums showed up in force and won by 43 to 7 but most will attest to this being one of the hardest hitting in quite a few years and the score did not reflect the game. Last year we had a shortage of backs, not so this time. We had a total of 40 that played, 19 backs and 21 forwards – very well balanced. There were a total of 32 students in the game. Bean refereed.  Several Alums that approached me late in the third or fourth period with a “ I’m here Coach put me in.”  This does not work. This is still Rugby and if you want to play show up before the game. It is hard enough making up sides and sharing the playing time without late comers. Preference is shown to those that help, GRAA members and who shows first by position.  There is a possibility we may have to go  to 5 x 15 minute periods to allow more playing time.

We had a big crowd and the kids had a blast and a big halftime race event. A Piper was there inspiring us all. I love kids and Pipers! The afters at the Cellar was very good with quite a crowd and Bean was on particularly good form with The Warriors! The Friday night Alum gathering was great fun, but we need more participation at this great venue. Please strive to attend the Friday night gathering next year.

If you are an Alum and not a member of the GRAA shame on you. This gathering each year is basically sponsored by the GRAA. Membership available by paying your dues at the Alumni weekend or mailing a check payable to GRAA (email me for details). We need all the help we can get so if you are not in, get in and give back a little to Rugby. To those that have made donations to the GRAA I thank you from the bottom of my heart and you are special. The GRAA can accept donations any time of the year. We use these funds to provide grants to both UD students and other rugby clubs.

See you on the pitch, Coach


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