Jan 31st, 2015 Alumni Game!

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From Coach Macnab

OK, game on!!! Email your official RSVP for playing in this January Alumni game to bmacnab@swsfinancial.com

I have had quite a number of very quick positive responses. In making up the roster for this year’s Alum game I noticed we have a lot of more Alums in the close geographical area than normal and I ran up a quick list of 25 off the top of my head. The purpose here is of course to have fun and more Rugby for the Alums but I felt it would be beneficial to the students to get in an early game hopefully before they begin Cup play but that can’t happen as they have thier first Cup match scheduled for Jan 24th so the 31st is the first chance we have. They will only have two training sessions before the first game. This will also give us a chance to play students who are not starters and need to play.

I am very excited about our student side his year with a lot of new potential talent and we have ten in Rome coming back for the Spring.  We traveled to San Angelo this past weekend to take on the Rams who have been beating everyone in the conference by 30 to 40 points.  We started out by giving up two tries in the first 5 minutes and at half time it was 24 to nil. We gave up another at the start of the second half so it was 31 to zip and not looking good. Then the lads began to play and took over the game, something very unusual in UD’s history as many of you will remember. In the latter 25 minutes we scored 4 tries and put up 24 points!! SO WE LOST 24 TO 31.  Given another 5 minutes we would have tied or won the game. We at least picked up 2 conference points for putting up 4 tries and losing by less than 10.  The Rams had no idea what hit them. We came home with our heads up. We played ten rookies in the game. So you better be ready in Jan!

GRAA members and first responders  will be given playing priority. I will give you a list as it develops.

Bob Macnab

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