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Posted on behalf of GRAA and Lucia Pardilla and Lupe Garcia

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, in April of this year Michael Burns (Pascale Raoul Burns husband) underwent intrusive neurosurgery for a benign brain tumor. Although the surgery has resulted in an optimistic prognosis, the Burns family has confronted considerable financial debt during this uncertain medical crisis.

In response to popular demand and many loving inquiries from friends of the Burns, we are reaching out to inform you that a Burns Family Fundraiser bank account has been created through the generosity and courtesy of the Park Ridge Community Bank. We hope that you will consider making a donation of any nominal amount to this young family to help them regain their stability while Michael recovers and is released to return to teaching at Northridge College Prep. We seek to raise sufficient funds to help the family meet the necessities of their four young children, keep a roof over their heads, and reduce the increasing medical costs not covered by group health insurance. May God compensate your generosity tenfold with his bountiful Grace.

Donations may be made payable either directly to the Burns Family Fundraiser, at the Park Ridge Community Bank, 626 Talcott Road, Park Ridge, IL 60068, Telephone 847-384-9200, www.timetobank.com; or to the Burns Family Fundraiser PayPal account. Please follow these instructions for depositing donations through the PayPal electronic fund transfer account:

1. Connect to www.paypal.com

2. Enter Burnsfamilyfundraiser@hotmail.com

3. Hit “Send Money”

Please be advised that your donation isnot tax exempt, and will be acknowledged as a personal gift to the Burns family. Of course, please continue to pray for Michael and his family that the light at the end of this tunnel will soon be shown to them.

Friends, we have tried to reach everyone to share this letter but we may have inadvertently missed someone so please feel free to pass this on to other friends who we may have missed. Thanks kindly.

If you have any questions please email Burnsfamilyfundraiser@hotmail.com.

Many thanks,
Lucia Pardilla and Lupe Garcia

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